Metabolic Profile Quiz

Metabolic Profile Quiz

  1. First Print this page DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Then follow the directions on your printed page to score your quiz and determine your unique metabolic profile.
  3. Once you know your metabolic profile you can follow the eating plan that will work best for your uniquely-you-metabolism.

Metabolic Profile Quiz

Metabolic Profile Quiz

Example of Metabolic Profile Quiz

  • Place a check in the square to the left of each choice that best applies to you in the form you just downloaded and printed.
  • The following is just and example of what you will see on the downloaded form.
  • Make only one selection per category.
  • If no choice applies to you, leave that category unchecked.
  • Important: Choose the answer that best describes your tendencies. The answer doesn’t need to describe you perfectly, but should indicate your trend.
  •  Consider having a close friend or family member check your answers for accuracy.
  • Be as honest and accurate as you can.
  • Some choices in some columns are purposefully left blank.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3


ƒ Look older than others my age  Look younger than others my age
Aloofness  Cool, distant, aloof. Loner, slow to make friends, hard to get to know  Warm, open, expressive, easily make friends, approachable
Appetite  Weak, lacking, diminished  Strong, excessive, enhanced  Average appetite
Chest Pressure  Tend to have it
Climate  Love warm, hot weather  Do well in cold, poor in hot  Doesn’t matter
Cold Sores and/or Fever Blisters  Tend to get
Coughing  Tend to cough most every day
Cracking Skin (any Weather)  Tend to get
Dandruff  Tend to get
Desserts  Love sweets, need something sweet with meal to feel satisfied  Don’t really care for sweet desserts, but like something fatty or salty (like cheese, chips or popcorn) for snacks after meals  Can take them or leave them
Digestion  Poor, weak, slow  Good, strong, rapid  Average digestion
Eating Before Bed  Usually worsens sleep, especially if heavy food  Usually improves sleep  Doesn’t matter, but heavy snacks are not the best
Eating habits  Eat to live – unconcerned with food and eating  Live to eat – need to eat often to feel good, be at best  Average eating habits and need for food, meal times, etc.
Emotional Expression  Hard to express feelings, not naturally demonstrative  Easily express feelings
Emotions  Beneath surface, under control, non-emotional type, tend to hold feelings inside  Wear heart on sleeve, others always know how I feel
Eye Moisture  Tend toward dry eyes  Tend toward moist or tearing eyes
Facial Coloring  Tend toward pale, chalky  Tend toward ruddy, rosy, flushed
Facial Complexion  Tend toward dull, unclear  Tend toward bright, clear
Fatty Food (if you like or dislike, not what you think is good for you)  Don’t care for it  Love it, crave it, would like it often  Take it or leave it
Fatty Food Reaction  Decreases energy and well-being  Increases well-being  Average reaction
Fingernails  Tend to be thick, hard, strong  Tend to be thin, soft, weak
4 hours Without Eating  Doesn’t bother  Makes irritable, jittery, weak, famished or depressed  Feel normal hunger
Gooseflesh  Tend to form easily 
Gum Bleeding  Tend to get after brushing
Gum Color  Light, pale  Dark pink, red
Hunger Feelings  Rarely get, passes quickly, can easily go long periods w/o eating  Often hungry, need to eat regularly and often  When late for meals only, not between meals
Insect bite/Sting  Weak reaction, disappears fast  Strong, lasting reaction
Itching Eyes  Tend to get
Itching Skin  Tend to get
Juice or Water Fasting  Can handle very well, feels good  Fasting makes me feel awful  Reach O.K., can fast if necessary
Meal Portions  Prefer small  Prefer large, or if not large, need meals often  Average
Orange Juice Alone  Energizes, satisfies me  Can make me light-headed, hungry, jittery, shaky or nauseated  No ill effects
Potatoes  Not real fond of them  Could eat them almost every day, love them  Take them or leave them
Red Meat, like a steak or roast beef meal  Decrease energy and well-being  Increases energy and well-being  Average reaction
Saliva Amount  Tend toward dry mouth  Excessive saliva
Saliva Texture  Tends to be thick, ropy  Tends to be thin, watery
Salty Foods  Food often tastes too salty  Really love or crave salt on food  Average like for salt
Skin Healing  Cuts heal slowly  Cuts heal quickly  Average healing time
Skin Moisture  Tend toward dry skin  Tend toward oily/moist skin  Average skin moisture
Skipping Meals  Can skip with no ill effects  Must eat regularly or often  Can get by without eating, but really feel best eating 3 meals per day
Snacking  Rarely or never want snacks  Want to eat between meals
Sneezing (any time)  Tend to sneeze every day
Sour Foods (vinegar, pickles, lemons, sauerkraut, yogurt)  Don’t care for, want or crave  Really like  Sometimes like
Sweets  Can do fairly well on  Don’t do well on, sweet foods can seem too sweet  No noticeable bad effects
Vegetarian Meal  Is satisfying  Not satisfying, or bad result, become hungry soon after or feel unsatisfied  O.K. but not really satisfying
Wheezing  Tend to get
If I eat MEAT for BREAKFAST like ham, bacon, sausage, steak, salmon…  I get tired, sleepy, lethargic and/or very thirsty by midmorning  I feel great, energetic, have good stamina, keeps me going without getting hungry before lunch  It’s o.k. but not in large proportions
If I eat MEAT for LUNCH like hamburger, steak roast beef or salmon…  I get tired, sleepy, lethargic and/or lose my energy in the afternoon  I feel great, energetic, have good stamina, keeps me going without getting hungry before dinner  It’s o.k. but not in large proportions
If I feel low on energy…  Fruit, pastry, or candy restores and give me lasting energy  Meat or fatty food restores my energy. Fruit, pastry or candy makes me worse – quick lift followed by a crash  Pretty much any food restores my energy
In a Social Setting I’m…  Introverted, shy, quiet, non-talkative  Extroverted, social, expressive, easily make conversation
  Column 1 Column 2 Column 3


Now Determine Your Metabolic Profile

  1. Add up the total choices made in each column and enter your total score in the space provided at the end of each column.
  2. If your highest score in one column is 5 points or more higher than both of the other two columns, and…
  3. If you made the most choices in column 1, then your profile is #1
  4. If you made the most choices in column 2, then your profile is #2
  5. If you made the most choices in column 3, then your profile is #3
  6. If the column with your highest score is not 5 points higher than both of the other two columns, find your results below:
  7. If column 1 and column 2 are tied or have less than 5 points difference, then your profile is #3.
  8. If column 1 and column 3 are tied or have less than 5 points difference, then your profile is #1.
  9. If column 2 and column 3 are tied or have less than 5 points difference, then your profile is #2.
  10. If all three columns are tied or have scores with 5 points or less difference (e.g. 13,18,16), then your profile is #3.

Your metabolic profile may change due to factors such as age, time, stress and activity level. So take the quiz again periodically to see if you need to follow the guidelines of a different profile.


The “recommended foods lists” in Profiles #1 and #2 are only a guide to the foods that generally serve your body the best for your particular profile. (Don’t we all wish we were profile 3!)

But we are all individually biologically and biochemically unique. So, experiment and see which foods work the best for you. Start by eating only the recommended foods for your profile. Then add or subtract different foods to see how they affect you. Even though dairy products are recommended for your profile, many people do not tolerate them well because of loss of digestive enzyme power and because the processing of dairy products makes them more difficult to digest.

You may react adversely to a food on your profile list because you are sensitized to it, so you will have to avoid it. Detecting hidden food sensitivities can be difficult. For more information refer to Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, MD web site

More instructions for food to eat for your Profile:

Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 3


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