Athletic Performance and Recovery From Injuries With PEMF

Athletic Performance and Recovery From Injuries With PEMF

Athletes in nearly all sports use PEMF to improve performance and assist in injury recovery time.  PEMF machines are used by colleges, sports medicine clinics, the NFL and many top athletes. PEMF acts at the molecular  level to keep and/or return the cells in our bodies to a healthy state resulting in improved performance and a more rapid recovery times from sports related injuries.  While It is common for athletes to suffer injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints and bones, PEMF helps the body to perform at its highest level, reducing the possibility of injury.  Because PEMF recharges our cells, thereby oxygenating the blood and providing needed nutrients, endurance and energy production is increased.

Pain, swelling, joint issues and bruising  are among the many issues suffered by athletes on a regular basis.  These are often treated with drugs to kill or reduce pain.  Many of the drugs used in the treatment of athletic injuries can wreck havoc with the human body.  Because PEMF acts on the cellular level without drugs or, for that matter, any types of chemicals it helps the body heal itself.  The toll on our bodies which can be drug induced does not exist with PEMF.

Dr. William Pawluk is perhaps America’s leading expert in PEMF.  The following from Dr. Pawluk’s outstanding web site provides insight into the benefits derived by athletes.

Long ago, people noticed that Eastern European and Russian Olympic athletes would be at the top of their game, even after days of vigorous competition.  These athletes were using PEMF devices to aid their recovery. Even by 1998 the Eastern Europeans had been using PEMFs for over 30 years (from Dr. Pawluk’s book “Magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research).

Brain stimulation, including use of PEMF devices, is not illegal in the Olympics and most professional sports.  It’s not considered doping, as there are no chemicals added to the athletes body. Instead, PEMF devices use the body’s own natural electrical charges to heal cells and tissues, helping relieve stress, soreness and reduce lactic acid in muscles. Many professional athletes worldwide use PEMF devices in their training and recovery.

With PEMF therapy, athletes can both enhance their performance and recover more quickly.  It is well established that PEMF therapy can offer an energy boost. PEMF therapy can also improve the condition of muscles, joints, tissues and blood flow, as well as promote clear thinking. PEMFs improve standing balance, indicating more finely tuned and rapidly adaptive nervous system. All of these benefits can aid athletes in reaching their full potential.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields allow muscles to take in more oxygen, which in turn can significantly improve muscle performance and endurance. Muscle stimulation with PEMFs is stronger and less uncomfortable than electrical stimulation, allowing higher peak torque muscle contractions with less discomfort – up to 215% higher. Some people have reported up to 60-70% improvement in overall performance after just a few weeks of using PEMF therapy. That’s a huge difference, especially when you consider that at the competitive level, even a 1% improvement in performance can be the difference between winning and losing.”  



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