Metabolic Profile 3

Recommended Ratios of protein, carbohydrate and fat in meals:

Protein – 40%

Carbohydrates – 50%

Oils/natural fats – 10%

You don’t need to be exact with these ratios. in fact most of us will eat more fat than indicated. As you serve your plate remember that your metabolic type should do better with an overall higher percentage of carbohydrates relative to proteins and fats/oils in each meal. See how you feel after eating a meal and adjust the ratios until you find the optimal ratios for you.

If you need more guidance with fine-tuning your eating plan, obtain Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

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Recommended Foods for Profile #3


Meat/Fowl Seafood Vegetable Fruit Dairy Miscellaneous
All OK All OK All OK All OK All OK All OK


Dessert Beverage Grain Nut/Seed  
All OK All OK All OK All OK All OK

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