Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath

Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath as Told by Tyler Dahm in Regard to Her Autistic Son

The benefits of ionic foot baths may be demonstrated best by the story of Dr. Tyler Dahm’s autistic son. Mother of 4 children, her son started showing signs of autism at 2 years old. For 5 years she and her husband utilized the medical model  of dealing with autism. But he just kept getting worse and they were going broke so she told her husband they were going to stop seeing the doctor and continue to love their son.

Two weeks later the doctor called saying she had something new for them to try, an IonCleanse Foot  Bath. So they decided to give it a try.

For 8 months the only modality her son used was the ionic detox foot baths. Not long after starting the foot baths Tyler noticed that her son had more ability to focus. Over the 8 months he gradually improved.

At the end of the 8 months Tyler’s body was capable of handling other modalities that had not helped previously. They could address residual toxicity, chronic viruses, nutritional deficiencies and the methylation chemical pathways that had not been working in his body.

Eventually Tyler’s son became a perfectly normal boy, freed from autism.

What were the benefits of ionic foot baths that helped him?

Tyler explained four basic benefits of ionic foot baths:

  1. The Relaxation Response – Rest and Digest

Autistic children never relax. Their nervous systems constantly operate in the stress mode from up-regulation of the sympathetic division of the nervous system . The soothing ions of the foot bath, circulating into their blood stream through their feet, flip them into relaxation mode. The parasympathetic side of the nervous system activates. Now they can rest and digest more efficiently.

  1. Detoxification

Autistic children’s physiology prevents proper detoxification of their cells. The ion channels in cell membranes open and close to allow nutrients into the cell and toxins out of the cell. But these channels are blocked by toxins, viruses, and mineral deficiencies. So the toxins continue to accumulate disrupting proper cell function.

Prior to the foot bath sessions, any supplements they had given the boy just piled up outside the cell since the ion channels were closed, making his condition worse.

The negative ions in the foot bath help open those ion channels, releasing the toxins into the blood stream where they circulated back to the feet and were dumped into the foot bath water. But even more exciting, the ions activated the liver, kidneys and gut to continue to dump toxins for days after the foot bath session with the greatest toxic excretion occurring the third day post foot bath.

Tyler Dahm was a medical school student while her son was going through foot bath cleansing. She now operates her own natural healing clinic in Colorado. When asked, “What’s in the foot bath water?”, she responded:  We had Doctor’s Data laboratory test the water. Seventy per cent of products in the water are coming from the body releasing toxic metals,  organic acids, glucose, creatinine, excess supplements,  anything the body deems that needs to be flushed out.

  1. Moves the Body from Acid Tissues to Normal pH

The acidic tissues of autistic children gradually become more alkaline due to the electron donors from the ions absorbed from the foot bath. The proper electrical charge in the cells, that comes from the flow of ions, gives energy to the cells, facilitating improved biochemical activity in the cells. It takes energy and the electrical flow of ions to run the cellular biochemistry in an optimal pH range.

  1. Methylation Chemistry Repaired

Many autistic children have defects in the MTHFR (and other) genes which cause impairments in the chemical methylation pathways in their tissues. For instance, a methyl group needs to be attached to some of the B vitamins for those vitamins to work properly. So no matter how much B vitamin supplement you give, if the body can’t methylate it, the B vitamin effects on the cell don’t occur.

Amazingly ionic foot baths improve the methylation pathways in the autistic children.

Dr. Tyler Dahm continues to see marked changes in her autistic patients as she guides them in use of ionic foot baths followed by other treatments that become effective after utilizing the foot baths initially.

Do the benefits of ionic foot baths apply to other children and adults?

Yes, they most certainly do because most of us are stressed, toxic, and acidic. Our physiology flips to relaxation, detoxification and improved pH level with ionic foot baths too. Dr. Klinghardt’s study demonstrated the detoxification power of ionic foot baths.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of ionic foot baths?

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View Dr. Tyler Dahm’s story for yourself:


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