Do Ionic Foot Baths Really Work?

Do ionic foot baths really work?

Do they do anything besides give your feet a nice warm water relaxing  soak?

Those are questions I’ve had for years. Over 20 years ago a spa owner had me try a foot bath. Ever since then I’ve wondered if they really do anything. Then I watched this video two years ago where Dr. Klinghardt (my mentor) explained the research project that he did on the detoxification aspects of the ionic foot bath. He starts speaking at 40 minutes into the video. in another article we’ll review Dr. Tyler Dahm’s work, which she explains at the beginning of the video, with autistic children’s improvement with foot baths.



First of all how do you do a foot bath?

While sitting relaxed in a comfy chair you place your feet in a tub of warm water. An “array” sitting between your feet in the water generates positive and negative ions that your feet absorb. Ions are electrically charged molecules. So we’re discovering and using the physics (electrical aspects) of the body along with the biochemistry for regenerating cells.

How do the positive and negative ions affect the cells of your body?

Dr. Klinghardt shared some  little known information from Physics Professor Pollack’s book on the Fourth Phase of Water . He says it contains the secrets of why foot baths work. The ions create a slim layer of water on cell membranes and organize the water molecules to create 70 millivolts of charge across the cell membrane. As soon as you stick your feet in ionic water, all the water molecules self-organize on cell membranes in all parts of the body and get their 70 millivolts back.

Another expert in the physics, electromagnetic healing field,  Dr. Tennant explains that it takes 50 millivolts of electrical charge to heal an injured tissue. So 70 millivolts gives you a lot of healing power. Healthy  cells function well at 25 millivolts. The less charge on the cell, the more degeneration occurs. Improving the charge fires up the regeneration processes.

Ionic foot baths power up the detoxification mechanisms of your body

Dr. Klinghardt’s research project elucidated what the body can do when the cells and organs get recharged. He had a lab measure the amount of 20 toxic metals in the foot bath water at the beginning of the session and at the end. He found an increase of toxic metals in the foot bath water at the end of the session.

But then he went even further in this research project by having the subjects collect urine and stool  samples each day for 5 days after each ionic foot bath. The greatest excretion of toxic metals via the kidneys  rose dramatically 3 days after a single 30 minute session. Therefore he recommends that very sick people only do a foot bath every 3-4 days to prevent  overloading the kidneys and other detoxification pathways.

Protect your tissues during the detoxification process

Since the mobilized toxic metals can cause oxidative damage to the kidneys and elements in the blood,  Dr. Klinghardt recommends supplementing with large amounts of vitamin E and garlic to protect the tissues, especially the third day after the foot baths. Also take 2 pipettes of liquid cilantro 1/2 hour before meals, 3 times per day for added benefits.

Dr. Klinghardt’s study shows that the ionic foot baths enhance the ability of your body to mobilize and excrete toxins through the  kidneys and bowels for days after the ionic foot bath session, demonstrating the systemic effect of the ions in supporting the detoxification and healing mechanisms of the body.

Ionic foot baths better than chelating medications

It’s fascinating that the ionic foot baths unleash powerful detoxification abilities to the body.

Especially since for years Dr. Klinghardt taught many physicians the techniques of detoxifying the body with various chelating medications that grabbed the toxins and held onto them tightly until they were ushered out of the body via the kidneys and bowels. So it’s amazing that now In his work and teaching in Germany, ionic foot baths have replaced EDTA, DMPS, glutathione, D-penicillamine and all other chelators.

Relax and enjoy your ionic foot baths

Foot bath sessions are fun and relaxing, actually somewhat luxurious and only take 30 minutes. Quite a contrast to the 3 hour sessions people sat through with a needle in their arms infusing the EDTA solution called chelation therapy that I provided to folks when I was in active practice in the past.

So what’s my response to the question, ” Do ionic foot baths really work?” I say, ” yes” and in such a fun, luxurious way.

What’s your response to ” Do ionic foot baths really work?”

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