Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits

You will notice the Hocatt ozone sauna benefits in your first session when you feel the relaxation response wash over you. Sitting in that warm moist chamber with the lights dimmed and soft relaxing music playing, you will want to stay in that relaxing atmosphere as long as possible.

But behind that luxurious scene your body receives an array of health benefits as the ozone in the Hocatt chamber easily slides into your bloodstream through the pores in your skin. Before the ozone starts infusing into the chamber, carbon dioxide flows in for the first 1 to 3 minutes. It then converts to carbonic acid when it combines with the warm moist steam in the Hocatt. The carbonic acid helps dilate your pores and get the blood circulating so ozone can be readily absorbed through your skin.

How does ozone exert its effect?

Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits

A spark of electricity in an oxygen rich environment splits the 2 linked oxygen atoms apart. Some of the oxygen atoms recombine as 3 molecules to form ozone. ¬†Because ozone has a free electron, it’s negatively charged and unstable so it “gladly” donates its negative electron to the positive charges that it runs into. Remember your physics? Opposites attract. Negatives repel.


What positively charged entities attract ozone?


Toxic metals and chemicals

Toxic metals and chemicals

God conveniently created toxic metals and chemicals to have a positive charge. So ozone seeks them out and converts them to forms that your body can more easily excrete. Ozone is like scrubbing bubbles digging deep into the areas where toxins hide and scrubbing them out to the surface. In the Hocatt most of the toxins come out through the skin, sparing the liver and kidneys. However, ozone also improves liver and kidney function so your body can eliminate toxins better 24/7.


Unfriendly organisms – dysbiosis

unfriendly organisms

Unfriendly bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeast and parasites also have a positive charge. Once again ozone acts to seek and destroy them. Dysbiosis is the term given to these unfriendly organisms that cause low grade chronic problems in our bodies, but may not manifest as overt infections. But they can’t hide from ozone. And they never become resistant to ozone like they can to antibiotics. Also, ozone has no effect on your good microorganisms because they have a negative charge and repel one another. Quite an amazing system!


Deteriorating cells

sick cells
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Healthy cells in our bodies carry a negative charge. But cells continually die off and others regenerate in the ongoing renewal process of our bodies. Those cells that are injured or dying carry a positive charge which attracts ozone to them. Ozone may renew and help heal the injured cells or facilitate the removal of old dying cells. So ozone aids the renewal process in our bodies.





Summary of Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits

Powerful detoxification with ozone

Ozone is the most powerful detoxification method that I’ve ever found. I (Dr. Jo) used many different detoxification procedures In my previous integrative medicine clinic including IV chelation therapy, other chelating medications, infrared sauna, homeopathics and supplements. All of those methods were quite helpful. I thought that I had detoxed most of the toxic metals and chemicals out of my own body. But was I in for a surprise with the Hocatt. I discovered that I still had lots of toxins left in my body. The Hocatt seeks and destroys but it still takes some time to mobilize all the toxins. If they come out too fast they may damage tissues before they are excreted.

Ozone seeks and destroys unfriendly organisms

These waste products of the unfriendly critters add to the “toxic stew” in our bodies. Ozone kicks them out and refreshes our tissues.

Ozone refreshes injured cells and facilitates removal of dying cells

Ozone creates a healthy environment in our bodies

These Hocatt ozone sauna benefits are truly remarkable. And there’s more. The effects of detoxification, getting rid of unfriendly organisms and restoring cell health add up to produce even more benefits to optimal health.



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