Is Ozone Safe to Use for Health

Is ozone safe to use for health

may linger as a question in the back of our minds? Why do we question the safety of ozone?

Probably because we hear about ozone levels in smog alerts. The intensity of smog levels are reported as the amount of ozone measured in the smog.  But the other petrochemical pollutants are the biggest problem in the smog. Because we hear about ozone in relation to smog, we tend to think of it as guilt by association.

Greater ozone concentration in the air can damage the respiratory tract, so we do need to be protected from inhaling it. But ozone is perfectly safe and health-enhancing for all other tissues of the body.

In fact historically it’s been extensively studied and  used in medicine for over 150 years.  The ozone gas was discovered in the early 1800’s. In 1896 the genius Nikola Tesla invented  and patented the first ozone generator and established the Tesla Ozone Company.

Doctors in World War I had few resources to treat wounded soldiers. Fortunately they had ozone generators. They remembered that ozone would disinfect wounds when applied topically but were surprised that it also increased circulation and decreased inflammation. All three ozone effects worked together to  accelerate the healing of the wounds.

Ozone has been widely used to disinfect water for drinking, water in swimming pools and to disinfect surfaces in rooms in food production plants and hospitals. It can disinfect hard to reach places like pipes and air ducts. Companies that clean up structures after fires and floods use ozone to get rid of residual smoke smells and mold growth. Ozonators can be used to get rid of just about any unwanted smell including skunk spray and the ugly smell of cigarette smoke.

Remember this important precaution: All people and animals must be removed from the room or device during the ozonating process. Once the ozonation is complete, the area must be well ventilated until all the ozone smell is gone. Inhaling concentrated ozone can damage the lungs. Otherwise we can answer the question, “is ozone safe to use”, as yes.

In fact, ozone’s basic function is to protect life on this planet from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So ozone is our friend. The ozone layer that surrounds our planet protects human life, animal life and plant life. Without it most all life on the planet would be fried. Remember the efforts to save the ozone layer? We had to quit using hair spray and other spray cans powered by the hydrochlorofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons . NASA reported that in 2019 the ozone hole is the smallest it’s been since 1982. That’s good news for protecting life on the earth.

So  Is Ozone Safe to Use for Health?

What do you think now?  I’m thinking, “Yes, it’s safe when used with the precaution of not breathing it.” In fact we are so impressed by the health-enhancing effects of correctly used ozone, that we went into business as the Tillman Health Spa to bring the remarkable technology of the Hocatt, an  ozone sauna (plus more) to all those who need it – which is probably all of us.


In our Hocatt you sit in the chamber. We close the doors around your body but your head remains outside the chamber. We gently tuck, first a moist cloth, and then a dry towel around your neck to close the opening in the chamber so the gases cannot escape from the Hocatt. That way your lungs safely breath the room air, plus the pure oxygen provided, while your body gets all the wonderful benefits of the ozone infused into the chamber. Relax and enjoy!



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2019 Ozone Hole is the Smallest on Record Since Its Discovery


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