More Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits

Surprise! More Hocatt ozone sauna benefits

You may be surprised that there are even more Hocatt ozone sauna benefits. In the article Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits we discovered that the ozone molecule with its negative charge is much more powerful than oxygen. That negative charge seeks out the positively charged toxins, unfriendly organisms and damaged cells, collides with them and facilitates their removal from bodies.

Hooray for ozone!

Now can you imagine what the body can do to regenerate when it’s rid of toxins, bad critters and old worthless cells?

That’s right. You get more Hocatt ozone sauna benefits to propel you toward optimal health.

Ozone improves functioning of the ion channels of cell that take nutrients into the cell and dump toxins out.


ion channels of cellThe paired colorful columns in this cell diagram represent the ion channels in the cell. Normally magnesium or other minerals sit at the gate to the cell, opening the channel for intake of nutrients or for dumping of toxins. If a toxic metal like mercury takes magnesium’s place, then the gate doesn’t open and close properly. Then how do we get nutrients into the cell?

The cell starts starving even though there may be lots of good nutrients piled up in the fluid surrounding the cell. Even oxygen entry into the cell declines. If the oxygen tension inside a cell decreases 30%, the cell starts metabolizing by fermentation. If it gets stuck in fermentation long enough, the cell becomes cancerous.

Besides that the toxins accumulate inside the cell causing us to live in a toxic dump.

But ozone to the rescue. Ozone digs deep and scrubs those old stuck toxins out of the ion channels, restoring them to normal function. Of course, in the process of detoxifying and regenerating the tissues we must supplement with plenty of minerals so they can slip into their rightful places as gatekeepers to the ion channels.


Ozone improves mitochondrial function

mitochondira in cell
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Once those ion channels open up to function properly, more oxygen flows into the cell to be delivered to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell that produces energy. In this cell diagram the mitochondria are represented by the red oval structures with the squiggly membranes inside them. When the mitochondria are deprived of oxygen, the energy production in the mitochondria slows down. For some folks their ability to utilize the oxygen in their bloodstreams drops to 50% leaving them feeling very sluggish. So when the ion gates open the ion channels to let the oxygen in, the mitochondria get really happy because they are activated to produce more energy.




Image by Charlie Jones from Pixabay


Mitochondrial dysfunction causes the chronic fatigue experienced in all degenerative diseases. So you can imagine how the cells will respond as their energy production kicks into high gear and we get to shed the symptoms of degenerative diseases that have drug us down for years.




More Hocatt Ozone Sauna Benefits

Ozone opens the ion channels so the cells can dump their long accumulated garbage (toxins) and take in the nutrients and oxygen that they so desperately need. The body then has its own priority for what it wants to regenerate first.

You can probably think of many more Hocatt ozone benefits. These are a few of the benefits that folks have experienced as they go through a series of Hocatt sessions:

  • helps people feel energetic and alive again
  • helps enhance mood, people fell more light-hearted
  • thinking becomes clear
  • reduces or eliminates pain
  • immune system modulator – brings an over-active or under-active immune system into balance
  • decreases level of free radicals in the body
  • fights the underlying causes of degenerative disease
  • blood sugar levels come into balance
  • blood pressure comes down to normal range
  • heart and blood vessels heal

This list could go on and on. You can imagine what could regenerate in your body when you enjoy the lovely sessions in the Hocatt that help open the ion channels in your cells, activating energy production, detoxification and restoration of nutrients in your tissues.

What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of even more Hocatt ozone sauna benefits now.

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