Diabetes Revolution Step Up and Fight Back

Join the Diabetes Revolution Step Up and Fight Back.

You are not a victim of degenerative diseases like diabetes Type 2 (adult onset). Once you know how to fight it, you can kick it in the pants and say goodby and good riddance.

In this video series Dr. Jo coaches you on the steps you can take to joint the diabetes revolution and say, “You are not taking over my body. I am becoming and staying well and healthy. Goodby diabetes.”

This is the whole sequence of videos on diabetes:

Diabetes 1A Nutrition

Diabetes 1B Nutrition

Diabetes 2 Microbiome

Diabetes 3 Exercise

Diabetes 4 Detox

Diabetes 5 Hocatt  

The Hocatt speeds up detox and energizes your cells in luxurious relaxation.

Download Manual for seminar here:

Blessings for a speedy reversal of diabetes,

Dr. Jo


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