How Many Hocatt Sessions Do I Need?

At the Tillman Health Spa we often are asked, “How many Hocatt sessions do I need” and “How often should I have sessions?

The answer: It depends on your state of health and vitality, on how toxic your body is, how depleted your cellular energy is, and how you eat and exercise.

At your first Hocatt session Dr. Jo will test you to help determine how frequently you should consider engaging in Hocatt sessions and how many sessions you may need before you’re ready for a maintenance program.

In general:

·         Most people can start with 1 Hocatt session per week, healthier people with 2 sessions per week

·         Some only need the once per week session for 3-4 weeks, others for 10-12 weeks

·         Then sessions can be stretched to every 2-3 weeks

·         At some point folks go on a maintenance  schedule of once per month Hocatt sessions

Of course how many sessions you decide to engage in depends on your budget too. Some of our clients have progressed well on one Hocatt session per month from the onset.

And a number of our clients love the “Monthly Membership” bargain. For only $130 per month you receive one Hocatt/Hugo session per month and one Hugo session per week for the rest of the month. There are no “joining fees” and you can stop the Monthly Membership at any time.


But why would you want to stop when the Hocatt/Hugo keeps your body so “tuned up” and energized?

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