Restoring the Microbiome

Start Restoring Your Microbiome

Restoring the microbiome involves nurturing and feeding the “good guys” until they become the predominant organisms in your gut that crowd out and kick out the “bad guys”.

What you do to cultivate healthy microorganisms in and on your body also provides healing and regeneration to your human cells and tissues.

Eat Clean

The best place to start healing your microbiome is paying attention to what you put in your mouth. Feed the good guys. Stop feeding the bad guys.

Good guys thrive on:

  • lots of colorful vegetables and some fruit
  • probiotics and prebiotics
  • fermented and cultured food that contain organisms to reimplant healthy organisms

Bad guys thrive on:

  • sweets
  • genetically modified food kills good guys due to the Roundup (glyphosate) that’s sprayed on it
  • junk food

Where to start in restoring the Microbiome?

  • eat clean
  • eat only organic food (to avoid the killer glyphosate)
  • take the test for an eating approach specific for restoring your unique microbiome

The test developed after the whole genome of the gut organisms was researched and elucidated. That was a bigger project than elucidating the human genome because the microbiome contains 100 times more genes than the human genome.

With such an immense project involved in detecting the microbiome genetic code, you would think the test of your own unique microbiome would be very expensive. But happily it is quite reasonable, a very wonderful surprise. The highest I’ve seen it cost is $149 and Viome has specials on the price for the kit quite often. Please note that we have no financial interest in Viome, nor do we receive any remuneration from them. We just think it’s a great test.

Also, you order the kit yourself. When it arrives go online and fill out their extensive questionnaire, collect the stool sample and ship it back to Viome. It takes awhile to process. The notice that results are ready will come by email. You will receive a long list of every organism detected in your sample and results of several metabolic pathways letting you know whether they are working well or not. Then they delineate 4 food lists for you:

  • Your Super Foods
  • Your Foods to Enjoy
  • Your Foods to Minimize
  • Your Foods to Avoid

And they recommend a few supplements to help in restoring your microbiome.

You can also get all your results on the Viome app for your phone. Your food lists on the app are very handy to refer to when shopping and preparing meals.

Once you get your results if you want to review them with Dr. Jo, then schedule a consult appointment at the Tillman Health Spa: or call for an appointment 530-319-3885.

For more information and to order a kit go to

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