Essential Oils

Essential Oils:

At the Tillman Health Spa, we offer the use of essential oils during a Hocatt treatment. We have 11 different ones to choose from, and each oil is beneficial for your health in different ways. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils created through the process of distillation. Dr. Josh Axe writes that the many health benefits of essential oils include reduced stress, better immunity, better digestion, higher levels of energy, pain reduction, reduction of toxicity, and better sleep. Essential oils are mostly used for aromatherapy, but can sometimes be used topically or be ingested, depending on the oil. However, since these oils are powerful, they should be put in a carrier oil when applied topically. 

Dr. Axe’s article has much more wonderful information on essential oils, their benefits, and how to use them:

At the Tillman Health Spa, we have 11 essential oils: Adrenal Support, Breathe Easy, Clary Sage, Inflammation Blend, Lavender, Nerve Calming Blend, Peppermint, Purify, Skin Care, Thyme, and Ylang Ylang. Our essential oils come from Essential 3 (their website is if you want to check it out).


Essential Oil  Properties Uses Fragrant Influence
Clary Sage Anticoagulant; antioxidant; antidiabetic; estrogen-like; antifungal; antispasmodic; relaxant; cholesterol-reducing; antitumoral; anesthetic Leukemia; menstrual discomfort; hormonal imbalance; insomnia; circulatory problems; high cholesterol; insect repellant Calming; stress-relieving 
Lavender  Antiseptic; antifungal; analgesic; antitumoral; anticonvulsant; vasodilating; relaxant; anti-inflammatory; reduces cholesterol Respiratory infections; high blood pressure; arteriosclerosis; menstrual problems; skin conditions; burns; hair loss; insomnia; nervous tension Calming; relaxing; balancing

Improves concentration and mental acuity

Peppermint Anti-inflammatory; antitumoral; antiparasitic; antibacterial; antiviral; antifungal; digestive stimulant; pain relieving Rheumatism/arthritis; respiratory infections; viral infections; fungal infections; digestive problems; headaches; nausea; skin conditions May help attention, performance and focus
Sweet Thyme Antiaging; antioxidant; anti-inflammatory; antispasmodic; antimicrobial; antifungal; antiviral; antiparasitic Infectious diseases; cardiovascular disease; Alzheimer’s disease; hepatitis May help overcome fatigue and exhaustion after illness
Ylang Ylang Antispasmodic; vasodilating; antidiabetic; anti-inflammatory; antiparasitic; regulates heartbeat Cardiac arrhythmia; cardiac problems; anxiety; hypertension; depression; hair loss; intestinal problems Increases focus of thoughts



Essential Oil Blend Components What is it for?
Adrenal Support Black spruce; cedarwood; geranium; peppermint; pine needle; vetiver Support adrenal glands
Breathe Easy Eucalyptus; peppermint Congestion
Inflammation Blend Chamomile; helichrysum; lavender; peppermint; tea tree; winter green Soothe inflammation; support immune system; support lymphatic system
Nerve Calming Blend Bergamot; chamomile; lavender; lemongrass; marjoram; petitgrain Relax breathing and muscles
Purify Bergamot; geranium; lavender spike; juniperberry; pine needle Protect against germs
Skin Care Carrot seed; frankincense; lavender; sweet orange; sandalwood; ylang ylang Condition, protect, and rejuvenate skin

Another good source of information on Essential Oils is the book  Essential Oils Pocket Reference from Life Science Publishing.

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